The official countdown to summer is on. The longer days have begun, the beach is calling, and of course air-conditioning is becoming an everyday necessity. But for some households, summer can also mean a nasty rise in their electricity bill, leaving them feeling the pinch in their back pocket.

While we all know to be mindful of our air-conditioning use in summer -25 degrees Celsius is the sweet spot between comfort and cost– there are also a few small tweaks you can make around the home to keep your summer electricity bill down.

      1. Pull The Blinds

Drawing those blinds and curtain will help keep your house naturally cooler and means your air-conditioner won’t need to work as hard. Think about times when you don’t need full light, like when the kids are in the living room watching an afternoon movie, or if you’re home is open plan close the blinds in the rooms you’re not using.

    2. Turn Off Heat-Emitting Electronics

We’re talking about those appliances and electronics that are just naturally always on –televisions, printers and computers, microwaves, and lamps. Not only are they using unnecessary electricity while being in standby mode, some of them will also be generating extra heat. Make sure to turn them off at the wall before you head out for the day.

While we’re talking about appliances, we have to mention the kitchen oven – easily one the biggest heat producing appliances in the home. Make the most of the summer weather by firing up the outdoor BBQ instead of the oven and you’ll keep your house cooler and automatically save on electricity!

      3. Opt For The Fan When You Can

Here in Queensland we know that summer days can get pretty hot and humid and sometimes the old ceiling fan just won’t cut it. But the humble fan uses just 10% of the energy needed for an air-conditioner. Turning on an upright or ceiling fan can use less than 10 per cent of the energy.

Try opting for a fan at night when the temperature drops or during the day when there’s a cool breeze.

      4. Check Your Plumbing And Pooling

Inefficient hot water systems that run all day are often guilty of racking up that power bill. Talk to your electrician about switching your hot water heater to an off-peak power tariff.

Out in the backyard, the pool can be a saving grace in summer, but it can also put a major drain on your household energy use. Just like a hot water system, check to see if your pool’s pump is on a timer. If you also want to save on your water bill make sure to put a cover on the pool. You’ll be amazed by how much evaporation can happen during the day and how much water you’ll save by keeping the cover on while you’re at work and the kids are at school.

     5. Clean Your Air Conditioning

Our final tip to save you money on your summer power bill comes back to air-conditioning. It’s really important to regularly clean the filter of your air-conditioner – especially if it has been sitting unused and collecting dust during winter. Dirty filters make it harder for the air-conditioner to cool your home which will ultimately increase it’s running costs.

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