Our guide of useful plumbing tips for home owners to help you get the most out of your home and home plumbing system. For anything requiring a plumber please give us a call as your experts in home plumbing Brisbane.

      1. Know When Your Main Water Valve Is

Plumbing is something that most homeowners know little about, but it is important you know at least one thing – where your main water valve is.
If (and let’s cross our fingers you don’t) you have your pipes burst step 1 is turning off the main water valve while you wait for us to arrive. The quicker you can do this will help reduce the damage.

      2. Use A Strainer

Use  a strainer in your sink to stop food and rubbish pieces going down the sink.
Clogs are one of the most common plumbing problems, and when it comes to a shower or sink drain, it can become gross and messy thanks to hair and soap residue. Avoiding the icky is as simple as using a basket strainer. This will help prevent a time-consuming and unpleasant task in the future.

      3. Watch What You Flush

This is no joke. Some people think they can flush anything down the toilet, but it’s not the case.

When you start flushing things down there other than toilet paper and you-know-what …. not only is it bad for the environment, it’s also bad for your toilet and can cause a serious blockage. Some of the common ones include hygiene products, cotton balls, prescription medication and yes… unfortunate fish.

If you are concerned about your toilet, or noticing clogs more frequently, there are also additional causes. Give us a call and we can organise a time to come and inspect your toilet.

      4. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Advertised as extremely effective, chemical drain cleaners are often to the first choice for many homeowners.  Unaware, they are not good for your plumbing and can cause more harm in the long run.

For a safer option, look for a cleaner that uses a natural bacteria to dissolve organic matter without causing damage to the inside of your pipes.