Whether you’re renovating, needing a small leak fixed, or ensuring your property is water compliant, it’s important to find a reliable and trustworthy plumber that will carry out your job to your budget and to a high standard.

If you’re planning a big renovation project, you might even be asking a few plumbers to quote on the job, and you might be included to choose a plumber solely based on price. BUT before you lock in a plumber for your project, there are a couple of really important questions to ask.

Our top 6 questions to ask plumber before he starts a job will help make sure that hire an experienced, and professional plumber who will be able to get your job done, without any nasty surprises or expenses!

       1) Are you licensed?

A basic, but probably the most important question to ask. By ensuring your plumber is licensed, you can be fairly confident that they will have the experience and knowledge to not only carry out the work, but they’ll also be able to advise on necessary building permits and will be able to provide a warranty for the work carried out.

      2) Is this an hourly or flat rate?

Don’t get caught thinking that the price your plumber has quoted is a flat rate, when it’s actually an hourly rate. Each plumber will quote differently, and the method of quoting can event changed between types of jobs. If you’re unsure make sure to ask and clarify!

      3) Is this the total cost?

Another question to ask when you’re reviewing a plumbing quote – is this price just for labour? Or does it include materials and equipment as well?
It’s also worth asking if there will be extra labour costs incurred if the project runs over the originally quoted timeframe.

      4) Who’ll be doing the work?

A question you might not think to ask, but an important one if the work you’re getting done is a little more complicated than just a leaking kitchen tap. By asking your plumber if they’ll be the one completing the work, you’ll find out if it will be one of their other employees, or if they will be using subcontractor – and if they are make sure they subcontractor ticks off our question #1. In either case, if they aren’t the ones personally carrying out the work, ask if they’ll be coming to do an inspection before the project is completed.

      5) Do you clean up after the work is completed?

No one wants to come home to an unexpected big mess that’s been left behind by a tradesman! This is an important question to ask if they are laying new pipes or having to dig up the backyard to get access to existing pipes.

      6) Do you have public liability insurance?

Accidents are a way of life, and can happen at any time. By ensuring your plumber has public liability insurance, you’re protecting yourself from liability and costs due to any injuries to those carrying out the work and for damages to your home.

So next time you’re discussing your plumbing job or project with a potential plumber, make sure to ask them these six simple questions. It could save you from costly mistakes and from incurring more plumbing issues in the future.

Here at Liquid Plumbing Solutions, we can tick off all of these questions and ensure your plumbing job is done to the highest quality. Whether you need help with a small job, or are planning a big renovation, we’re here to help so feel free give our friendly team a call today.